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Wedding Cakes


We believe a couple's 
wedding cake should be just as memorable as their first kiss, or their walk to the altar. So we offer each couple an uniquely specialized designs from elegant beauty to fun and whimsical that will fit your special occasion.

Reserve Your Date Now!!
Delivery & Setup Fees;
Dubuque area; $35 up to $75
 Outside of Dubuque $1.95 per mile

There is $100.00 non-refundable deposit required on wedding cakes to secure your date. The balance is due 20 days prior to the event (see our refund policy below). Bookings come at a first come, first pay basis. We work from my home and are limited in the events we take on each week.                  

Triple Tier Bakery REFUND POLICY:
I understand that I am to pay a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit at the time of booking an event with Triple Tier Bakery. The reason for this non-refundable deposit is, once you have booked with me for the date of your special event, other orders are turned down for the date you reserved. Also, in most cases, supplies have been ordered for your event and are paid for and I will lose my money for the product ordered. Also, full payment for your event is due 20 days prior to your event date. As stated on your contract, NO cakes will be delivered to the event site until full payment is received. If payment is not received within 2 weeks prior to event date, only cash will be accepted. NO exceptions. Again, thank you for your business and I look forward to serving you.

Please contact us before sending your money to us.


Wedding Cakes
Please inquire with us for wedding cake pricing.


Pricing is per a slice


Sheet cakes:       

 based on slice size (1” by 2” slices)

Additional fee;

* Cake carry box's *  yours to keep

$0.25 buttercream details

$0.50 fondant details

Inquire for pricng

¼ sheet  feeding 20

Double ​filled  

½ sheet    feeding 45

 Double ​filled 

Full sheet cake  feeding 80

Double ​filled 


Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes Detail's


Wedding Cookies

Inqyire with us 

Priced /per 3" size decorated cookie


Base Frosting

Traditional Buttercream 

Vanilla Buttercream 

Chocolate Buttercream 

Cake Flavors










Red Velvet

Chocolate Mint


Standard Free Fillings

Traditional Buttercream

Vanilla  Buttercream 

Chocolate Frosting 

Gourmet Filling & Base Frosting

Additional fee per cake $11

Peanut Butter Frosting 

Cookies & Cream

Vanilla Cinnamon 

Strawberry Buttercream 

Raspberry  Buttercream 

Raspberry Cream Cheese 

Chocolate Cream Cheese 

Traditional Cream Cheese 

Lemon Frosting

Maple Frosting

Coconut Frosting 

Chocolate Ganuach 

Fruit Fillings



Lemon creme


(we don't offer whipped frosting; which is not recommendd for wedding cakes)