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Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes start at $2.25 each. (Minimum 75)
(up to 3 flavors for orders over 100 / 2 flavors for orders under 100)

* Plus Receive a Free 6" x 4" (round or square) cake with cupcake orders over $100.00
(Additional fee’s based on design and fillings, so please inquire.)
serves; 9ct


We offer a variety of flavors from our Classic to our Gourmet Cupcakes

Choose your color of frosting to match your wedding theme:
(there is a limit based on the number of cupcakes you order)

Our wedding cupcakes come in Silver foil Wrappings:
(Please feel free to supply your own to match your theme for no additional fee)

Personalize your Cupcakes with custom toppers
Looking for something Extraordinary that sets your wedding over the top?

Your options are endless and I will work with your budget to design an exquisite wedding
cupcake tower tailored to your own unique style.

Add Fondant accents: Prices very by size and detail, prices start at $0.25 up to $3.00.

 Specialty fillings $0.25 per serving and are listed below
· Strawberry Filling
· Cookies and Cream vanilla buttercream filling
· Peanut Butter buttercream filling
· Lemon creme filling
· Cream Cheese filling
· Dark Chocolate buttercream Filling
· Chocolate Ganauch Filling

Setup/delivery: $35 up to $75 and is based on the size of the wedding

If picking up your own order thereally will be a fee for the carrying boxes.  These will be your's to keep.

Cupcake tree cake stand optional (square or round)
We have rounds that will fit up to 100 ct. and squares that will fit up to 300ct.
Rental Fee is $35 per stand with signed rental contract

Wedding Cupcake Display

Triple Tier Bakery offers cupcake tower stand rentals, for your convenience.
Just ask me about the details, and I will guide you through your options.