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Tasting Sampler Box To Go

Wedding Tasting Sampler Box to Go
At this time we only offer Sampler Boxes for Weddings

Life is crazy and sitting down for a tasting isn't always possible for us but we still want to offer you a tasting.  Once you've tried our cake flavors, we will spend some time with you over over the phone or by email to consult on the final construction and styling of your wedding cake.  But if you prefer a sit down appointment let us know (sit down appointments are only for booked weddings only with down-payment paid).

Choose the box that fits your taste buds below; 

Includes (our most Popular Flavors; $18.00/12ct 
3 cake flavors (4 of each flavor)Per Box
3 traditional frosting's (Buttercream, Vanilla and Chocolate)

Classic Box (1 dozen); 4-Triple Chocolate | 4-French Vanilla | 4-Marble 
Summer Box (1 dozen);  4-Lemon | 4-French Vanilla | 4-Strawberry
Winter Box (1 dozen) ; 4-Triple Chocolate | 4-French Vanilla | 4-Spice or Carrot
Custom Box (1 dozen) ; Choose from the flavors below:
Triple Chocolate * French vanilla * Lemon * Marble * Yellow * Spice * Carrot * Strawberry * White 

Sampler Box below is only for Wedding Cupcake Orders Only;
Custom Gourmet & Classic Box ($25); Includes; 2 Triple Chocolate | 2 French vanilla | Plus choose 3 flavors from our Gourmet cupcakes list


Call us and let us know when you would like to pick up your box and we will have it ready for you 

(all boxes require 48 hours notice & Pickup Only)