Iowa Home Based Licensing Info.

Triple Tier Bakery is a Home Based Bakery.  Everything is made fresh from my home and must be ordered ahead of time for pickup.  We "ARE NOT A LICENSED" Home Based Bakery as we are under the State of Iowa "EXEMPT FROM LICENSING" law.  

Which states that Home Based Bakery's don't need to be Licensed who don't distribute "POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD PRODUCTS THAT NEED TO BE 41 DEGREES F AFTER PREPARATION or Whole Sale to retailers, restaurants and institutions or Cater Food).  

State of Iowa states that I can prepare Bakery items (non-potentially hazardous food) directly to the general public and to consumer customers for consumption off the premises.   Dubuque, Iowa Health Department also states on their application for Home Food Licensing Application the following; "Baked goods that don't Require refrigeration may be sold from residence without Home Food License".

Some Hotels in the area do require Home Based Bakery's to be licensed to deliver for weddings and at this time I am looking into this matter.  


Iowa/Dubuque Home Based Licensing Information

posted Mar 17, 2016, 7:57 AM by Triple Tier Bakery

No license needed to sell baked goods from home

Posted: Thursday, November 22, 2012 12:00 am


Question: I have noticed on a Facebook page people selling baked goods out of their home. Is it legal for people to do this, or do they need a license and have to be inspected?

Answer: The state of Iowa does not regulate bakery products that do not require refrigeration and are sold from a home.

According to the Iowa Administrative Code, baked goods are "breads, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits and pies (except meat pies)." The bakery products must be sold from the home and may not be sold to a business or sold wholesale.

Iowa does not prohibit someone from advertising on the Internet.

"If bakery products require refrigeration for safety or will be sold wholesale or to a business, a license is required," said Mary Rose Corrigan, public health specialist with the city of Dubuque.

The type of license required depends on several factors, including whether or not the food is sold directly to customers or to businesses. It should be noted that these sales are for bakery products only as defined by the Iowa Administrative Code.

Corrigan said when a person sells foods other than bakery products, a license is required.

The city's Health Services Department can determine what type of license is needed and the requirements, based on what is being sold and to whom. For more information, contact the Health Services Department at either 563-589-4181 or

Reference Link; Telegraph Herald

Prepared food means soft pies, bakery products with a custard or cream filling, or any other potentially hazardous baked goods (requires refrigeration to 41°F or below after preparation).   Triple Tier Bakery doesn't make any of the described items above that are considered potentially hazardous baked goods.

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