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Party Cakes & Pricing

---  Customer Reviews ---

If you have had a chance to experience our desserts please feel free to send me some feed back so we can add it to our website... thetripletierbakery@hotmail.com


The birthday cake was amazing. Everybody loved it and it tasted great. I did put the bottom piece in the freezer and took it out a week later and I was surprised that it was still fresh. I will definitely recomend you to my friends and family and most likely you will be making my graduation cake. Thank you so much for your hard work. ..........Vanessa Ostrander


Thanks so much for checking in!  Yes, the cake was exactly what I was looking for, it turned out perfectly and was delicious!  My husband (and everyone else) loved it!  We took some photos but I'm just waiting to get them back, will be sure to send you one.

Thanks again,
Jessica Dinkelman 

It was a hit..thank you!!.....
JoAnne Schroeder

 The cake was fabulous.  Everyone enjoyed it.  My parents thought it was terrific.  We will keep you in mind as we have a daughter who turns 7 in February.

Thanks   Marilyn Snyder




Everything was great!!! The cake looked to cute and everyone thought it looked great!!!! And it tasted great, and everything went great!!!!! thanks so much :)

Amy Jurisic


Hello Tiffany, The cake was lovely and they said it was delicious too.  I apologize for the mis communication with my dad on the pick up time- completely my fault.  So thanks so much for making the delivery, great customer service...

Scott & Julie Wood

Hi Tiffany,
The cake was amazing! Everything was such a blur I don't even remember what the cake looked like. I have started seeing everyone's pictures this week, and it looked fantastic!!! I know we had a lot of cake left over that Tyler's mom froze for us. Because, I didn't get to try all the flavors! Everyone loved it though. Thank you so much. The shark cake was a BIG hit!!!! It looked awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!
Katie Gore
The cupcakes were a hit.  Everyone liked them.  I would say the red velvet were the favorite.  The colors matched the decorations perfectly, too.  You did a good job.
Laurie Juran
It was awesome!  And our son stared at his cake all day before his party. Thanks for helping us out.